Recap and Upcoming

Despite the lack of updates to this crusty old website of mine, I’ve found myself quite busy since my last post here. Firstly, TIN CAN, the feature film I co-wrote and acted in, has finally been released in Canada and the USA. You should be able to find it on-demand via all the usual platforms. TIN CAN is a fantasy-sci-fi-horror that centres around a pandemic. Director Seth A. Smith and I wrote the thing in 2017-18, and it was shot in 2019. So, it was spooky to see Covid emerge only months after we wrapped. And now that the film is out, it’s been fascinating to see how it fares in the Covid-era. Critics have been quite positive. Here are a few of my favourite reviews: The New York Times, Screen Anarchy, Wicked Horror, Film Book, and Morbidly Beautiful.

Until recently, all my work as an actor revolved around projects I’ve written with my longtime collaborator Seth A Smith. That changed last year when I got cast for a small role on the fourth season of The Sinner, which just happens to be one of my favourite series. I played a backwoods degenerate—an easy role for me. I appear in a couple of episodes (and always with the great Bill Pullman). I’m only on screen for a few minutes. Nevertheless, the entire Sinner experience was fantastic – a gig I’ll never forget. The Sinner S4 hits Netflix in Canada/USA on October 13th.

My chik white musical hustle has been busy as well. I released a slew of albums over the last couple of years. Most of them are digital-only, but I also released a few physical objects, including a limited-edition lathe on Feeding Tube, a split CS with noise artist Hermit on Absurd Exposition, and a weird-o toy bugle CS for the UK label Soundholes’ Solo Horn series (recently reviewed in The Wire). All these releases and more are available on my Bandcamp page. Consider making a purchase. I appreciate the support.

I have a lot planned for the upcoming months. I have a collaborative LP with Philly guitarist Bill Nace slowly making its way through the manufacturing plant. There’s an experimental alphorn record in the works with the Texas label Full Spectrum. And I’m getting back to playing live and touring. I’ll return to the stage on October 16th at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, where I’ll play solo and also duo with my old pal Colin Fisher. I may tour Europe in the spring (fingers crossed). And I return to Toronto on June 9rd, 2023, to premiere Spore Wind, a jaw harp concerto written for me by composer Becka Simms. This piece has been in the works for the last two years. I can’t wait to finally perform it live with an ensemble. Continuum Music is presenting the concerto. Details here.

More from me soon. Thanks for reading.