cover-imageSince I currently find myself navigating through a number of disparate projects and artistic personalities, I thought it would be wise to put together a website, a digital space where all my pursuits can be housed. So here it is. Check out the chik white page for background on my musical work. For more general information, head to my about page. It covers my time with DIVORCE and OBEY Convention. It also gives information about my current work as a screenwriter at CUT/OFF/TAIL. I’ll use this blog to post about things that are happening in all these facets of my career.

As of late I’ve been spending a lot of time on my chik white jaw harp project. In November I released Malform, a full-length album chronicling my recent work recording jaw harp and voice through my throat. The album sold out quickly and has been reviewed by a number of outlets, including The Quietus and We Need No Swords. In February I released an EP, Soft Shapes, on Toronto’s Power Moves Library. The album sold out in days and has already been covered by We Need No Swords and Tiny Mix Tapes. I have two new releases on the way (cassette and LP), and I hope to tour later this year. More details to come.

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